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Over 1500 traits analyzed for nutrition, fitness, health, and drug response.

US $ 2500.oo


Access the most powerful tool to explore your entire genome. Discover in 360 degrees those variants in any of your genes that impact your health and well-being.


Understanding your genetic risk for developing certain cancers, diseases, and other health conditions helps you take control of your health and that of your family through early detection and preventive lifestyle interventions.


Find out how your DNA can help you personalize your diet and nutrition choices, and optimize your workouts with your in-depth genetic information. Learn how your body responds to stress, as well as your genetic timing for a perfect night's sleep.

Learn about which selected medications are most likely to work for you. Covering some of the most commonly prescribed medications.

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How does it work.

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Why Diploide?

US $ 2500.oo

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Collect your sample in your own time
and from home

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