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Solid Tumor

Solid Tumor Panel

There are many different applications of genetic testing in the detection and care of cancer. Let us help you select the most appropriate to improve the treatment of your patients.


The SOLID TUMOR panel is a comprehensive NGS cancer panel that analyzes the complete coding regions of 548 genes and the introns of 21 genes. It is known that these genes are relevant for the diagnosis and / or treatment of solid tumors according to the guidelines of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) and the medical literature. This panel detects the four types of genomic anomalies: SNV, InDel, fusion and variation of the number of copies (CNV). Flexible and complete, the NovoPM ™ Cancer Panel can be applied to both FFPE tumor samples and liquid biopsies.



  • Complete results. SOLID TUMOR panel interrogates the entire coding regions of 548 genes and introns of 21 genes, detects the four types of genomic abnormalities (SNV, InDel, CNV and fusion) and evaluates the tumor mutation load (TMB, bTMB and MSI). These data, taken together, can help guide immunological therapies against cancer.

  • Flexible test. This test is applicable to both tissue and ADNCT samples. Paired samples of tumor / normal or tumor sample alone are accepted.

  • Reliable performance. Thorough comprehensive analytical validation and the test includes rigorous quality control measures.

  • Competitive price. With the highest sequencing capacity in the world and superior process efficiency, DIPLOIDE offers highly competitive prices for all our services.

Ultra-fast import of samples (when necessary) As a high-tech life science company, DIPLOIDE can use a green channel authorized by the government for the ultra-fast importation of clinical samples through Customs, when necessary.

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