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About Us

Everything about life, through genetics

By harnessing the power of genomics and applied biotechnology, we make medical genetics flexible, affordable and accessible to deliver diagnostic and precision medicine that improves the everyday lives of those around us. All of this is done by working side-by-side with every one of our clients, driven by meaningful relationships, passion, and purpose.

Why Diploide?

We are committed to answer our client's questions quickly and accurately. We collaborate with some of the top academic scientist and clinicians in our field who have assisted us in creating our panels, report formatting, and improvements to our research.


All data analysis is performed on private server centers. All quality controls are built into our procedures at every step. All specimens are spiked with molecular tags upon arrival, prior to sequencing, allowing for increased capacity to ensure quality and accuracy of sample processing.

By merging the fields of genetics, molecular biology, and computer science, we pursue excellence in genetic sequencing, scalability, and data analysis. Offering unrivaled flexibility in diagnostic testing, and affordable genomic sequencing.

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