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Orders Billing

Diploide Genetics is now accepting commercial insurance for the majority of our clinical testing menu in the United States. We continue to discuss the state of our network with a number of insurance plans in Latin America and will provide updates as the states of our network change.
Billing options

DIPLOIDE allows you to access our NGS services, verify the status of the report and receive notifications by email. We currently accept a variety of billing types for genetic testing services. Contact us for billing options, pre-authorization forms, sample collection instructions and other frequently asked questions to send the appropriate information with your request.

DIPLOIDE can contract individual medical practices, hospitals and other medical institutions to provide genetic testing at a fixed cost to each patient. If institutional billing is desired, please contact us. DIPLOIDE does not accept any responsibility for the compliance of a provider with all applicable federal and state laws that govern the proper billing of patients or third-party payers, such as dial-up, direct patient billing, discounts and disclosure requirements. Please consult your health legal advisor.

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