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The glycans and DNA methylation tests are a reliable measure of your biological age.


The aging process, like many other biological processes, was first discovered in small, short-lived organisms such as yeast, some species of worms and flies, these organisms being very valuable for their relatively high genetic similarity to humans. , and for its ease of study. Over the years, validations with humans have allowed many genetic variations to be associated with processes related to aging and the increased and decreased length of the biological age of humans.


Many experts assume that the prolongation of life, which we call longevity, through processes that slow down aging, may mean a reduction in diseases associated with this process, such as Alzheimer's, thus demonstrating the potential and importance of trying to reduce premature aging.

Genetic variations have also been discovered, however, they are positive and allow certain people to improve their quality of life, with a direct relationship between longevity and postponing the appearance of many of the problems found in old age.

Through this biological age genetic test, we analyze a selection of genetic mutations associated with the main causes of premature aging, aiming at asr, strengthening people's knowledge of their genetic status and the impact of their habits. In this way, you will know your predisposition to slow or accelerated aging.

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Biological age is how old our cells really are. It is a prediction that combines various biomarkers related to aging to more accurately discover the overall aging condition of a person's body.


A biological age predictor could be defined as a biomarker correlated with chronological age, which provides additional information in risk assessments for age-related conditions above chronological age. Therefore, adult individuals of the same chronological age may have different risks for age-related disorders or diseases, as judged from their biological ages. In general, the predictive value of biological age decreases from middle age onwards due to increased biological heterogeneity in old age.


Many of the decisions we make daily influence our body and, therefore, our well-being. The quality of the dream, the practice of physical exercise, the diet, the type of work, the happiness or the dissatisfaction that we feel ... can add or subtract years of vitality and good health.


In this sense, the biological age is a good indicator that alerts us to whether we should modify our lifestyle or continue as before, since it reveals, not the chronological age, but the actual age, as if we were checking the inner state of our body and future forecasts.

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