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Discover the skills and behavior hidden in the genes of your children.

US $ 420.oo


Developed by the leading scientists and doctors in DIPLOIDE genetics, this test announces the most innovative approach currently available in this exciting field of science and technology. You will be revealed talents and abilities that have been latent or that you have simply suspected were there.


This talent test will unlock the full scale of your physical, mental and intellectual potential to help you overcome any weakness and deficiency in your genetic makeup. This knowledge will allow you to make decisions based on your abilities. For example, the most appropriate educational path for your genes or the career option in which you can find more success. Acquire the ability to discern their true interests and even skills in the field of sports. In essence, this DNA test will expose in detail what talents are hidden within your genes.

  • Does your child have the genes that can enable him to easily learn new languages?

  • Is your child likely to be fussy or greedy?

  • What sports can be a good match for your child?

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How does it work.

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Why Diploide?

US $ 420.oo

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Collect your sample in your own time
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