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Unleash your real physical potential.

US $ 480.oo


This profile of 70 genetic variations allows you to understand how your DNA affects your own physical conditioning potential, obtaining the necessary information adjusting your routine, to reach your goals in a more efficient and accelerated way.

We reveal how their genetic characteristics affect: sunnutrition, their ability to burn fat, the routines for their physical conditioning, their aerobic capacity and recovery time and the risk of developing some injuries.

  • Could your metabolism hamper your fitness goals?

  • Do you have the genes to build muscles easily?

  • Do you have the potential to be an endurance athlete?

Do you want to prescribe this test as a health care professional?

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US $ 480.oo

How does it work.

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US $ 480.oo

Why Diploide?

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Collect your sample in your own time
and from home

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