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We are more than a laboratory, we are your ally for the medicine of the future

Respected Health Professional,


We are pleased to present a new and innovative service that will help you grow your practice, be more accurate in your diagnoses and treatments combining your specialty and technologies at your disposal, allowing you to provide personalized advice to your patients based on their individual genetic profile.


DIPLOIDE is a subsidiary of DIPLOIDE GENETICS CORPORATE in the US, a company dedicated to the research and practice of Comprehensive Genetic Medicine using biotechnology through DNA and RNA sequencing, developing a simple non-invasive service (with saliva specimens) of genetic tests for nutrition , sports performance, skin care, fertility and predisposition to chronic diseases among others.


Our service is available to dieticians, nutritionists, physicians, clinics, hospitals and other qualified health professionals by sponsoring a simple and effective comprehensive training methodology, so that it is easier for you to start genetic testing in your practice immediately that it steals time from your practical routine and with the real potential of surviving competitively in the market using a technology that will allow you to implement differential and effective strategies to improve the quality of life of your patients and simultaneously, build credibility to grow his practice at a professional and economic level.

Our strategic partners in Canada and Europe are the exclusive provider of genetic testing for the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Lifelabs and several executive health care clinics around the world (awarded within the top 10 inventions in 2013). Our reports and brochures of our DNA tests are available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Arabic and Hebrew, and soon more languages will be added.

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