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US $ 420.oo

The health of your skin will not be a concern anymore.


A profile of 70 genetic variations that helps explain how your skin looks, feels and reacts to various conditions. Get the details you need to perfect your skin care routine and intelligently select the foods and cosmetic products that really nourish and give health to it according to your DNA.


The DIPSKIN test involves taking your skin care regimen to another level. Those first signs of aging, wrinkles and pigmentation among others, can now be handled better or perhaps become a thing of the past thanks to a simple DNA test that can unveil the way to keep your skin healthier.

  • Will your genes affect how fast you get older?


  • Are you more sensitive to the sun because of your genes?


  • Is your skin predisposed to easily lose elasticity?


  • Understand how your genes impact the appearance and health of the skin, the aging process, expression lines, elasticity and UV sensitivity among others.

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How does it work.

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US $ 420.oo

Why Diploide?

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Collect your sample in your own time
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