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Sequencing NGS

CLIA / CAP sequencing services

Behind every effective drug therapy is a patient who once had only hope and now has an answer. Life-changing answers. Our mission is to design each test as though we were developing it for one of our own family members. For us it’s personal.

The Most Advanced

For the past 5 years, Diploide has sought to better understand the relationships between genes and diseases through collaboration, research, and innovation. We have identified novel genes, designed custom assays, and released more than 500 unique diagnostic tests. We have been among the first to commercialize breakthrough technologies, including hereditary cancer and clinical exome panels. As a committed team of experts, we are equipped with powerful technologies and ready to develop custom assays that meet your specific criteria, just like a family.

CLIA-validated oncology services

Diploid offers WES FFPE, CLIA-validated RNA-Seq FFPE and molecular profiles of solid tumors. These services are designed for clinical trials, clinical diagnostics, and for researchers involved in clinical research.

Individual Cell Sequencing


Diploid extends its sequencing capabilities with a 10X single cell sequencing platform. Services include Single-Cell RNA-Seq, ATAC-Seq and Immune Profiling.

Methylation Sequencing


A powerful approach to epigenetic studies, genome-wide bisulfite sequencing analyzes methylation patterns across the genome to reveal valuable information about chromatin remodeling and gene expression.

Comprehensive Selection of Services

Diploid offers comprehensive NGS-based research and clinical sequencing services with competitive prices and fast response times.



Our team is made up of bioinformaticians and scientists who are pioneers in the field of NGS-based genetic testing, equipping Diploid with the knowledge and experience to bring us to the forefront of science and technology. Our state-of-the-art sequencing platforms give us tremendous sequencing capabilities, ensuring that we can handle projects of all sizes and scales.

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Clinical Quality


As a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited clinical laboratory, we adhere to the strictest quality control standards in the industry. All samples that we receive undergo several QC checks throughout the laboratory process, starting from before extraction and continuing through the library, sequencing, and post-sequencing phases.

We utilize sophisticated barcoding and tag systems to track each sample and prevent sample mix-up, and we follow a unidirectional workflow that is highly integrated with our in-house developed laboratory information management system (LIMS) to ensure that every sample is tracked and handled proficiently. If you have any questions about quality standards.

Fast Turnaround Times

We have a very streamlined and highly automated laboratory workflow, which ensures that we can deliver clinical-grade quality at very competitive turnaround times. 

All samples follow the same general flow, which begins with accessioning the sample, and then proceeding with extraction -> library prepartion -> sequencing -> analysis. Once results are ready, they will be delivered via secure FTP.


Edge Technology


As a laboratory built around NGS-technology we offer an impressive array of state-of-the-art sequencing platforms – each designed for different sequencing needs and applications. Our broad suite of sequencers ensures that we can provide affordable, fast, and high-quality sequencing services for diverse projects of virtually any scale. 

  • NovaSeq

  • HiSeq X Ten

  • HiSeq 4000

  • NextSeq

  • MiSeq

  • 10x Chromium


Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

The most comprehensive approach to genomic testing - WGS analyzes the entire genome so you can be confident that you covered all your bases.

Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)

A more targeted approach than WGS, WES looks across the relatively small protein-coding region of the genome.




Our CLIA-validated WES services for FFPE specimens are designed for clinical trials, clinical diagnostics, and for researchers involved in clinical research. In addition, we offer standard data analysis options for WES - including mapping, alignment, somatic variant calling and annotation.


Our CLIA-validated RNA sequencing services for FFPE specimens are designed for clinical trials, clinical diagnostics, and for researchers involved in clinical research. In addition, we offer standard data analysis options for RNA-Seq - including mapping, alignment, variant calling, and gene expression analysis.


Solid Tumor Molecular Profiling


Diploide offers clinically validated Solid Tumor Molecular Profiling services from FFPE specimen using Illumina’s TST-170 kit. DNA and RNA are sequenced and analyzed in parallel.

Single Cell Sequencing

Diploide offers 10X Single-Cell RNA-Seq, ATAC-Seq, and Immune Profiling services. We offer raw data as well as analysis through 10X Genomics CellRanger software.


Methylation Sequencing

Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing


A powerful approach to epigenetic studies, whole genome bisulfite sequencing looks at methylation patterns across the entire genome to reveal valuable information on chromatin remodeling and gene expression.

RNA Sequencing

We provide flexible RNA sequencing services - from small RNA and miRNA sequencing to sequencing of the coding transcriptome and the whole transcriptome.


Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing


Sequencing of the small mitochondrial genome (16,569 bp) - can be a powerful tool for researchers interested in mitchondrial disorders and mechanisms of aging.

Targeted Sequencing

Did not find exactly what you were looking for? We offer the option of panel design on a variety of next-generation sequencing platforms, allowing you to customize your sequencing projects to your specific needs.

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