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Un perfil de 45 variaciones genéticas, que le permite comprender cómo su ADN afecta el potencial de acondicionamiento físico propio, obteniendo la información necesaria ajustando su rutina, para alcanzar sus metas de manera más eficiente y acelerada.

  • ¿Podría su metabolismo obstaculizar sus metas de acondicionamiento físico?

  • ¿Tiene los genes para construir músculos fácilmente?


  • ¿Tiene el potencial para ser un atleta de resistencia?


  • A profile of 45 genetic variants, that allows you to understand how your DNA affects the potential of your own physical conditioning, obtaining the necessary information adjusting your routine, to achieve your goals more efficiently and quicker.


    • Could your metabolism hamper your fitness goals?

    • Do you have the genes to build muscles easily?


    • Do you have the potential to be an endurance athlete?

  • I authorize DIPLOIDE GENETICS SAS (DG) to collect my biological sample or the biological sample of the individual for whom I have the legal right to collect the sample. I also authorize DG to analyze the DNA in these samples for further genetic research. If this test is being performed for a minor or for a person who, for any reason, can not give their consent, I certify that I have the legal right to grant my consent for the taking and subsequent investigation of the DNA with respect to the biological sample of said person. I understand that, when sending the DNA sample, I am confirming my order and that no refund will be made later for the work done.


    I agree not to hold DG responsible for damages caused as a result of the use of the information or material contained in this document. In addition, I agree to release, indemnify and hold DG and its officers and employees harmless from any responsibility for the use you make of this product, just as I agree not to hold DG responsible for any action that users of this service may take.

    Acepto no responsabilizar a DG por los daños causados como resultado del uso de la información o del material que contenga el presente documento. Además, acepto liberar, indemnizar y eximir a DG y a sus funcionarios y empleados de toda responsabilidad por el uso que haga de este producto, al igual que acepto no responsabilizar a DG de cualquier acción que pudieran tomar los usuarios de este servicio.

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