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Comprehensive Cancer

Based on expert curation of scientific literature
Learn about your risk of developing certain inherited cancers
before they happen.

Genetic testing for hereditary and somatic cancers can provide life-changing results in affected patients and their relatives, accompanied by potential actionable steps for genetic-related cancers. With many different applications of genetic testing to detect and care for cancer, we can guide you in selecting the right options to enhance the treatment of your patients suffering from hereditary cancers. Having identified genetic variants associated with oncological diseases in more than 200 different genes, we can provide a comprehensive range to foster cancer diagnosis, prognosis, treatment selection, and monitoring.

DIPLOIDE’s Comprehensive Hereditary Cancer Panel provides information on 49 genes associated with 17 different types of hereditary cancer such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer and colorectal cancer. DIPLOIDE detects different alterations including germline SNV, Indels and CNV.

  • Comprehensive: complete exome plus covered flanking intronic regions for all genes tested; A single assay that detects point mutations, deletions, insertions, duplications, rearrangements.

  • Robust: Clinically important variants (pathogenic or likely pathogenic) are verified by Sanger sequencing, while qPCR verifies large genetic rearrangements.

  • Convenient: blood or saliva tests; DNA is also accepted.

  • Professional: the latest generation variant database guarantees up-to-date analysis and interpretation.

How it works
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